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Learn More About Our C-UAS Services

Counter-Uncrewed Aircraft Systems are a new and evolving threat to our security. As such, you’re sure to have a lot of questions on what AeroVigilance can do to help you with your airspace awareness and security. Here are a few common questions we receive from our clients to give you an idea of what you can receive from partnering with us:

Do you offer free estimates?

Consultations and estimates are always free. A client shouldn’t have to expend their hard-earned resources when AeroVigilance has not yet helped them achieve their security goals.

What industries do you serve?

AeroVigilance stands by to assist any industry that may have a need to achieve any form of airspace awareness and security. This includes Local, State and Federal Governments, Critical Infrastructure, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Corporations, Sports Leagues, and Mass Gathering Venues, to name a few.

AeroVigilance also supports Counter-UAS industry product and service suppliers, to include providing Counter-UAS training to internal and external customers, product and service consultation, product development, developing product specific training courses and training materials, site surveys, site setup and operations support, operational mentoring, and any other challenge that needs to be tackled.

What is the best way to speak with you?

The most efficient way to speak with AeroVigilance is to use our convenient calendar link below to schedule an online meeting at a time that works for you. We look forward to learning more about your challenges and determining how we may be of assistance to you.

Do you offer services worldwide?

AeroVigilance is available to work with clients anywhere in the world. Some services can be completed virtually, while others may require travel to your location. Our passports are ready and recommendations for local food establishments are appreciated!

Can you speak at events?

The founders of AeroVigilance often speak at industry events and security conferences.  We enjoy meeting with new people, sharing our insight, and learning from the knowledge and experiences of others. Send us a message and let’s discuss further!

Do you sell Counter-UAS equipment?

AeroVigilance does not sell, re-sell, or white label drone detection or mitigation technology. Similarly, we do not have financial relationships with any companies to promote the use of, lease, or sell any equipment to AeroVigilance clients.

With this equipment-agnostic approach, we can independently help our clients find systems that meet their individual user requirements without undue influence.  We were end users of this technology once. We treat you the way we would want to be treated.

What differentiates AeroVigilance from competitors?

Aside from our unrivaled homeland security and public safety experience in the planning, deployment, and operation of Counter-UAS systems at high-profile public venues, AeroVigilance brings a different perspective and approach to this industry.

We believe Counter-UAS is more than just the deployment and operation of technologies.  Rather, it is a comprehensive approach to “left of launch” measures, informed policies and procedures, training, safety, risk management, and the continuous assessment of team and technology performance.

We are committed to exceeding our customers expectations by providing informed consulting, comprehensive training, professional support, and quality services.

Defend Your Site From Aerial Threats

Increased knowledge of drone threats and what airspace awareness and security measures can do for you will give your facility the upper hand.

AeroVigilance provides a full suite of solutions that meet your unique user requirements.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting and see how we can provide you with a personalized airspace awareness and security solution.

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