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Protect Your Site With Proper Airspace Security 

It is 3:37 am and you have just received a call from your overnight security supervisor. A security guard reported the visual detection of a drone flying over a sensitive part of your facility. This is the third reported sighting of a drone over this facility in the last two weeks.  

The Vice President for Security is looking to you for answers: What is the drone doing there? What are you going to do to fix this security vulnerability? Can you shoot it down? Answers to these questions and the unknown next steps are overwhelming.

It is not fun being in this situation and answering those tough questions.  Let’s work together to fix this and build your program.

AeroVigilance’s program management strategy is a comprehensive approach made up of people, processes, technology, and documents.

Our approach provides your company with the tools needed to understand and respond to threats, minimize risk to your personnel and facilities, and instill confidence at all levels of your organization.

    How We Help Your Program

    Program development is the cornerstone of a successful airspace awareness and security program. Much of it can be developed and implemented prior to the introduction of any authorized drone detection and mitigation technology into your physical security infrastructure.

    Our main objectives when providing services to our clients include:

    • Providing valuable information
    • Diagnosing problems
    • Solving your most complex problems
    • Making recommendations based on years of training and experience
    • Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions
    • Building consensus and commitment
    • Facilitating client learning
    • Permanently improving organizational security effectiveness

    Our Program Management Capabilities

    When it comes to developing your airspace awareness and security program, AeroVigilance can offer several solutions to your organization, including:

    Obtain Executive Management Buy-In and Participation in Your Counter-UAS Program

    Before an organization can begin implementing an airspace awareness and security or Counter-UAS program, it is important for leadership to feel comfortable buying into the program. They will want to understand this new security threat and how solutions will make a difference for the organization’s overall security goals. AeroVigilance can work with you to help executive management understand the drone threat to your organization and the importance of evolving your existing security program.

    Develop, Implement, and Integrate Counter-UAS Procedures

    Airspace awareness and security procedures explain specific actions for carrying out the Counter-UAS policy. Procedures provide a blueprint for how to deal with specific situations, a few examples include:

    • What happens when a suspected drone is visually detected
    • Security response procedure to verified drone detections
    • Drone crash inside your facility response protocols
    • Drone pilot interactions
    • Law enforcement interactions
    • Deconflicting with authorized drone operations

    Developing Specific Technology User Requirements for your Organization

    There is no one technology, or as some like to call it a “silver bullet,” that can detect or mitigate all drone threats. Your organization or facility has unique requirements based on the threat, vulnerabilities, location, and current legal landscape. AeroVigilance can lead you through the process of developing your unique user requirements to confront this security challenge.

    Understanding and Planning for Legal and Regulatory Requirements

    The Counter-UAS legal and regulatory landscape can be confusing. AeroVigilance can help you understand the current environment and work with your organization to ensure that your policies, procedures, and technology are compliant with Federal laws and regulations.

    Continuous Evaluation and Evolution of Your Organization’s Training, Policies, Procedures, and Technology.

    Our work is never complete. After you’ve met your security goals, it is always important to continually assess all aspects of your organization’s airspace awareness and security program. AeroVigilance can work with you to regularly assess your program and ensure it accounts for the ever-evolving drone threat, and the technologies and tactics to best address that threat. Don’t be left behind!

    Develop, Implement, and Integrate Counter-UAS Policies

    Developing a Counter-UAS policy will provide general guidelines that outline the organization’s plan for tackling the airspace awareness and security issue. The policies can provide a bridge between the organization’s security vision and its day-to-day operations.

    Assess Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks to Your Organization

    Understanding your threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to your organization can inform how you develop your Counter-UAS program. This vital process conducted as a team can include listing potential risks, site assessments, identifying physical vulnerabilities and risks, assessing installed security technology, and evaluating current policies and procedures.

    Design and Implement a Layered Airspace Awareness and Security Strategy

    A thorough airspace awareness and security program includes a multitude of components. Those components can include policies, procedures, training, and technology.  When it comes to the implementation of technology, a layered defense-in-depth approach is generally recommended. Our team can work with you to find the best solutions to achieve your security objectives.

    Creating a Business Case for Airspace Awareness and Security Technology and Program Investments

    Investing in new security technology and programs can be a challenge for many organizations. AeroVigilance can work with you to help develop your business case for this evolving security challenge.

    Personalized Solutions for Program Development

    During your first meeting, AeroVigilance will take the time to get to know you, your business, and spend time understanding your challenges, requirements, and desired end state. Using that information, we can develop an initial high-level plan and solution options for you to consider.  

    As a team we can work together to determine the next steps, which typically includes developing a more detailed plan and course of action.  Finally, we will implement our plan and continue to refine, improve, and optimize as needed to meet your business goals.

    If adding technology to your existing physical security infrastructure is part of your solution, AeroVigilance will use your organization’s unique user requirements to find potential solutions. 

    Why Choose AeroVigilance?

    When the founders of AeroVigilance were performing C-UAS in Federal law enforcement, this was a brand-new security specialty.  We weren’t given a blueprint or a book in which to build a program.  We had to figure it our ourselves. We had successes. We made mistakes.  We adjusted course when needed. 

    Our processes and procedures were constantly evaluated and re-evaluated to help our operations run more effectively and efficiently.

    We’d like to use our evolving knowledge and experience to help you build your program today. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For Our Program Development Services

    Why is program development so important?

    Think of airspace awareness and security, or Counter-UAS as a house. At a minimum, a house requires a solid foundation in which to construct the house, walls, and a roof. Think of program development as the foundation of your house.  

    Program development that includes policies and procedures is our recommended starting point, and will facilitate the training requirements for your personnel, and if necessary, allow for the logical integration of authorized equipment into your physical security infrastructure.

    Is it difficult to build a Counter-UAS program?

    If you are new to the uncrewed systems and Counter-UAS industry, this can be a daunting task. However, this task is made much easier when you work with experienced industry professionals who can educate you and guide you through this often-confusing security landscape.

    AeroVigilance has relevant homeland security Counter-UAS experience supporting not only mass gatherings and critical infrastructure, but also investigations involving the suspected use of drones. Don’t leave your organization’s airspace awareness and security to companies who lack relevant law enforcement and homeland security experience.

    What are the important components of Program Development?

    Program development can include the following major tasks:

    • Assessing threats, vulnerabilities and risks
    • Managing risks
    • Implementing a layered airspace defense
    • Developing organization airspace security standards
    • Understanding and planning for legal and regulatory requirements
    • Executive management buy-in and participation
    • Creating a business case for airspace awareness and security technology investments
    • Developing specific user requirements for your organization
    • Creation of policies and procedures
    • Integration of policies and procedures into the existing physical security infrastructure
    • Continuous evaluation of airspace awareness and security training, policies, and technology

    What if my organization doesn’t think a program is needed?

    This security challenge cannot be solved by technology alone. Policies and procedures provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations. They also help your organization ensure compliance with laws and regulations, guide security decision-making, help manage your risks and liability, and streamline your internal processes.

    Why can’t I use my organization’s general security procedures as my program?

    If your security procedures already include airspace awareness and security, drone response protocols, and other related topics, you are doing great! We can still add value by reviewing your current security procedures and finding opportunities to make it more robust.

    Create a Quality Airspace Security Program

    Don’t let those late-night calls lead to frustration, confusion, and the expenditure of precious time and resources to try and figure out how to handle this challenge. AeroVigilance can set you up for future success with our wide range of knowledge and experience.  Schedule time to talk with us today!

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