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Enhance Your Airspace Security With Professional Guidance

Drones are a security risk to your organization. They can bypass your gates and guards by navigating through the three-dimensional (3D) airspace above your facilities. Drones can also be used to steal your intellectual property, probe for weaknesses in traditional physical security measures, or cause serious harm to personnel and property.

Traditional physical security measures cannot protect you from this new and evolving threat. To make matters worse, the legal landscape can be very confusing. Many facilities are unsure about what they can do without breaking existing federal laws and regulations.

AeroVigilance can provide you the expertise you need to achieve airspace awareness and security over your facilities. You will receive a customized solution based on your unique security needs.

Our specialists can work with you as your trusted airspace security partner, solving challenges and providing you the tools needed to address this evolving threat.

    How We Help Your Facility

    Our main objectives when providing consulting services to our clients include:

    • Providing valuable information
    • Diagnosing problems
    • Solving your most complex problems
    • Making recommendations based on years of training and experience
    • Assisting with implementation of recommended solutions
    • Building consensus and commitment
    • Facilitating client learning
    • Permanently improving organizational security effectiveness

    Our Consulting Capabilities

    AeroVigilance offers a wide variety of services to support the needs of Counter-UAS product and service suppliers as well as the end users or customers of airspace awareness and security technology. Consulting services can include:

    Special Event Support: Counter-UAS as a Service (CaaS)

    AeroVigilance provides equipment, planning, logistics, coordination, and operational Counter-UAS personnel to support your event.

    Counter-UAS Operation Observation & Mentorship

    Experienced Counter-UAS operators from AeroVigilance observe and evaluate your operations and provide a detailed after-action report.

    Integration of Authorized UAS into Counter-UAS Operations

    There are specific tasks, coordination, organization, and communication steps that need to occur to safely integrate authorized UAS into a Counter-UAS operation. Authorized UAS may include those being used by public safety and media. We’ve successfully completed these missions on many occasions and can help you with yours.

    Counter-UAS Product and Service Development

    AeroVigilance works with your company to develop a new Counter-UAS product or service. We can participate in all stages of your effort, including idea generation, research, planning, prototyping, test, and evaluation.

    Field Service Support for Counter-UAS Products and Services

    AeroVigilance will assist with maintenance, troubleshooting, equipment validation, training, or any other crucial customer support functions as required for your deployed or installed equipment.

    On-Call Support for Counter-UAS Operations

    On-call support includes 24/7 remote support to assist with your operations and investigations. Capabilities include troubleshooting equipment issues, advice on deployment and response activities to the suspected or confirmed use of drones at your facility or assist with any other matters as required by our clients.

    Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E) Support

    This service includes the consultation, organization, planning, and execution of RDT&E activities for both UAS and Counter-UAS products and services.

    Counter-UAS Product and Service Post-Sale Training and Support

    Your company has just secured a contract to sell or install equipment for a client. You need temporary help to conduct site surveys, install equipment, or train your new customers on your product or service. That’s where AeroVigilance can assist.

    Counter-UAS Planning, Coordination, and Operations

    We use our operational experience derived from leading numerous missions to plan, coordinate, and assist your organization’s Counter-UAS operation or long-term mission.

    Site Survey and Equipment Installation Support

    We’ve been on the top of numerous buildings and stadiums all around the country. We can help you find the best locations to place your Counter-UAS equipment to improve your chances of success. This service includes an initial online map survey, followed with a more detailed in-person site survey with appropriate analysis tools and software. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and help you carry and set up your gear!

    Counter-UAS Product and Service Evaluation

    We use our operational experience packing, hauling, carrying, setting up, managing, and troubleshooting a wide variety of equipment and software platforms to evaluate your product or service. You’ll get valuable feedback from an operator’s perspective to improve your offerings to your customers.

    Validation of Installed Counter-UAS Equipment and Operations

    After your equipment is installed, it is a good idea to validate the operation of the equipment on a regular basis. This validation includes but is not limited to: ensuring there are no new sources of radio frequency interference or line of sight (LOS) issues impacting the operation of your equipment, ensuring the correct software updates are installed, testing the gear with drone flights, and putting hands on the equipment to ensure there are no serviceability issues.

    Design and Implementation of “Left of Launch” Initiatives

    There are several crucial tasks that can be completed to reduce the incidence and impact of careless, clueless, and nefarious operators of drones flying in or near the airspace of your facility. AeroVigilance can use their expertise to minimize the risks to your facilities.

    UAS Investigation Support

    We use our knowledge and experience in UAS investigations to support your organization during short-term and long-term investigations into the confirmed or suspected nefarious use of UAS at your facilities.

    Any other Counter-UAS or airspace awareness and security problem that you are trying to solve

    Is your exact Counter-UAS or airspace awareness and security need not listed? Don’t worry. Contact us and let’s discuss your situation. We can use our wide scope of knowledge and experience to help solve your most challenging issues.

    Personalized Solutions that Address Your Security Issues

    During your first meeting, AeroVigilance will take the time to get to know you, your business, and spend time understanding your challenges, requirements, and your desired end goal. Using that information, we can develop an initial high-level plan and solution options for you to consider.

    As a team we can work together to determine the next steps, which typically includes developing a more detailed plan and course of action. Finally, we will implement our plan and continue to refine, improve, and optimize as needed to meet your business goals.

    If adding technology to your existing physical security infrastructure is part of your solution, AeroVigilance will use your organization’s unique user requirements to find potential solutions for you. Our approach to technology is agnostic. We do not white label or resell Counter-UAS technologies. There is no contract with any company to recommend a particular technology to a client or receive compensation if a client chooses a particular technology.

    As previous users of this technology, your needs through the process is prioritized to find solutions that fit your unique security requirements.

    Why Choose AeroVigilance?

    Achieving airspace awareness and security is important, whether it is for critical infrastructure, stadiums, mass gathering venues, military bases, or a business campus. Don’t leave this important dimension of your physical security infrastructure up to the inexperienced.

    AeroVigilance uses our unique training and experiences acquired from our time in Federal law enforcement to help you reach your airspace security requirements and goals.

    There is no one in the industry that can match the experience of AeroVigilance when it comes to Counter-UAS operations in complex urban environments in the United States.

      How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

      The most efficient way to speak with AeroVigilance is to use our convenient calendar link to schedule an online meeting at a time that works for you. You can also fill out our online form. We look forward to learning more about your challenges and determining how we may be of assistance to you.

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