Fortify Your Airspace

Protecting the public, critical infrastructure, and important assets with personalized Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solutions for your facility.

What is C-UAS?

Counter-UAS is the deployment and use of legally authorized technologies and techniques to provide airspace awareness and security to critical infrastructure, assets, and mass gatherings.

Due to the increased threat of drones, airspace awareness and security are critical components that require integration into your existing physical security infrastructure.

Counter-Drone Defense As Your Third Dimension of Security

The evolving technology of uncrewed aircraft systems, otherwise known as drones, has led to an increased threat to your organization.

Drones can be used to conduct surveillance to identify physical security vulnerabilities, deliver a cyber-hacking tool to exploit a wireless network, deliver a weapon of mass destruction, conduct overwatch during a physical security breach, steal your intellectual property, and create a safety hazard for personnel, to name a few. These threats will continue to evolve.

Now more than ever, it’s important to understand C-UAS and use that knowledge to protect what matters most.

AeroVigilance is a company devoted to helping people and organizations understand the risks posed by uncrewed aircraft and find solutions to enhance their airspace awareness and security measures.

Many are familiar with military applications of Counter-UAS technology, but when brought to the homeland environment, there are unique considerations. The knowledge and experience of AeroVigilance can guide you through the often-complicated Counter-UAS landscape to ensure you deploy legal technologies and techniques that meet your specific operational needs.


AeroVigilance is the only company bringing extensive urban homeland security Counter-UAS experience to the private and public safety sector.

Increased Awareness. Personalized Solutions.

Better Protection.


Our team can use their extensive experience in to solve your most complex Counter-UAS challenges. After speaking with you to determine your requirements, we can customize our approach to your problem, and offer multiple CUAS solutions to support your desired end state.


AeroVigilance provides comprehensive training for your staff and security personnel. Set your Counter-UAS program on a path to success with program mentorship and training from the team with unrivaled experience in homeland security, special events, and urban operations.

Program Development

For organizations that are expanding their traditional physical security measures to include Counter-UAS, our experts will work with you to develop policies and procedures fitted to your organization that integrate airspace awareness and security into your existing operations.

Casey Flanagan


Tom Adams


Upgrade Your Security with

Professionals in C-UAS


Both Tom and Casey have over 30 years of combined experience in law enforcement and technical operations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  They have extensive experience in conducting Counter-UAS operations throughout the United States at high-profile public events and venues such as the Super Bowl, World Series, and Rose Bowl, to name a few.

Aerovigilance’s high-profile industry expertise helps bridge the knowledge gap to improve your safety, security, and airspace awareness.

You can gain unique insight from leading experts on the deployment and use of Counter-UAS technology, UAS investigations, Counter-UAS operations, and the best way to employ advanced airspace awareness and security techniques to protect your most important facilities and assets.

AeroVigilance personalizes every service to your specific organization’s needs and unique problems. Whether you are looking for the best technology solutions for your unique user requirements, training on Counter-UAS operations, or policy development, we will create a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Defend Your Site From Threats From Above

Increased knowledge of drone threats and what airspace awareness and security measures can do will give your facility the upper hand.

AeroVigilance provides a full suite of solutions that includes training from industry experts, mentor support, policies, procedures, and customized technology solutions.

Don’t leave your site vulnerable to aerial threats.  Let AeroVigilance help you protect your airspace to keep your community, assets, and critical infrastructure safe.

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