C-UAS Security Training Services

Prepare Your Personnel for Airborne Threats

We’ve all been in a situation where new security threats using unfamiliar technology create an issue for your facility. Even more unfamiliar are the technologies to counter or mitigate the impact of this evolving threat.

You read articles about drones and counter-drone technology, but it doesn’t give you the complete picture you are looking for. It is difficult to find someone to work with who can help you.

Thankfully we live in a time where knowledge and experience can be easily shared. AeroVigilance has custom training programs ready to bridge the knowledge and experience gap.

Your customized Counter-UAS training program can improve the security of your facility, increase the capabilities of your security team, and give you peace of mind.

How AeroVigilance Trains Your Staff

Training is an opportunity to learn new skills and grow, not only as an individual, but as an organization.  It is important for you to get out of your comfort zone and learn new concepts, especially those related to an emerging security threat that will be present for the foreseeable future.

Our main objectives when providing training to our clients include:

  • Making training recommendations based on our own years of training and experience
  • Providing valuable information that is relevant to your organizational goals
  • Delivering unique operational insight and concepts not found in other training programs
  • Facilitating client learning through a variety of training delivery options
  • Permanently improving organizational security effectiveness
  • Developing a foundation for lifelong learning
  • Increasing your team’s motivation to perform their job well

    Our Training Capabilities

    AeroVigilance has an exclusive menu of training options to meet all your Counter-UAS related training needs. These options are built upon years of operational experience and provide a solid foundation on which to build your program.

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Threats and Fundamentals Course

    Understanding UAS capabilities, threats, and fundamentals is an important first step for anyone involved in airspace awareness and security operations. The more skilled Counter-UAS operators and security personnel are well-versed in UAS technology and threats, the more they are able to make better informed decisions during operations.

    Advanced Counter-UAS Operations Course

    This two-day course builds upon the fundamentals from the Basic Counter-UAS Operational Concepts Course. In the course modules you’ll learn advanced Counter-UAS operational concepts not taught in other theory-based programs. Completion of this course prepares your team for more complex Counter-UAS operations.

    Assorted Counter-UAS and UAS-related Course Topics Courses

    AeroVigilance offers a variety of courses related to critical infrastructure, intelligence, planning and coordination, UAS capabilities, and investigations to name a few.

    Basic Counter-UAS Operations Course

    This three-day course and its individual modules provide the foundation for your airspace awareness and security program. A variety of concepts are covered that provide you the knowledge needed to begin your program and conduct basic Counter-UAS operations from experienced operators. Completion of this course will provide your team with the basic skills needed to conduct Counter-UAS operations at special events and mass gatherings.

    Basic Airspace Awareness for Security Management Professionals Course

    This one-day course provides security management professionals an overview of the UAS threat, relevant laws and regulations, safety considerations, airspace awareness and security technology considerations, program management fundamentals, and case studies. 

    Custom Training Programs for Counter-UAS Product and Service Suppliers

    AeroVigilance can also build custom training programs for Counter-UAS product and service supplier’s customers and clients. We can use our experience in building training programs to help design, develop, and deliver equipment manuals, Quick Start Guides, training materials, and training presentations for your product or service.

    Personalized Training Plans

    During your first meeting, AeroVigilance will take the time to get to know you, your business, and spend time understanding your training needs. Using that information, we can develop an initial high-level plan and solution options for you to consider.  

    As a team we can work together to determine the next steps, which typically includes developing a more detailed plan and course of action. Finally, we will implement our plan and most importantly, continue to refine, improve, and optimize as needed to meet your business goals.

    Why Choose AeroVigilance?

    While employed in federal law enforcement, the founders of AeroVigilance led, designed, and developed their agency’s Counter-UAS training program. This included leading a multi-disciplinary team to develop and deliver a variety of content to provide students with the knowledge and capabilities to conduct Counter-UAS operations.

    Your organization’s training program will benefit from the operational knowledge and experience that AeroVigilance provides to the security industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For Our Training Services

    Is training in person or virtual?

    Depending on your requirements, AeroVigilance can deliver your world class Counter-UAS training in person, or virtually. The quality of the training will not change depending on the method of delivery.

    Who is the intended audience for your training?

    Our training is geared for any audience. Our typical students come from the following:

    • Law Enforcement and Public Safety
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • Corporate Security
    • Sports Leagues and Organizations
    • Defense
    • Counter-UAS Product and Service Suppliers
    • Academia
    • Mass Gathering Venues

    How long is your training?

    AeroVigilance offers a menu of training classes to meet your unique training goals. The amount of time required will depend on the types and number of classes you have chosen. A typical class is one hour in length. Some classes may require more instruction time and when combined with other classes may extend the training to a couple hours, half day, full day, or multiple days.

    What classes do you offer?

    Contact us and let’s schedule a consultation call to discuss your training needs.  We can gain an understanding of your training requirements and go over our training class options with you personally. We will suggest classes that meet your educational goals, and if needed, create a custom class for you if it is not already included in our menu of options.

    Is there a limit to the number of people you can train?

    There is not a limit to the number of people that AeroVigilance can train. Depending on the classes being taught and the number of people who will receive the training, we can determine how and where the class will be taught, as well as any other details as required.

    I’m not a technically oriented person. Will this training be difficult?

    All AeroVigilance classes are taught in a way where those with little to no previous technical training can understand the concepts and use that information as a building block for further training and study. We are always available for questions both during and after class to ensure understanding of the training topic.

    How soon could you deliver classes to my organization?

    Classes can be delivered as soon as our schedules align and may vary depending on the method in which the classes are delivered. Let’s talk soon to determine your training needs and get some dates and times locked into our calendars!

    Can you help build a training program for my Counter-UAS product?

    Yes! Let us take the burden off of your busy schedule to help develop your training manual, Quick Start Guides, and a modular training program that can be easily delivered to your customers and updated as needed.

    Teach Proper Airspace Security Protocols

    Continuous learning will always be part of the foundation of a world-class security program. Now is the time to begin developing your team’s knowledge of this evolving physical security threat to your facilities.  Don’t wait until it is too late!

    Talk with AeroVigilance today about your training needs.  Scheduling a free meeting is easy. We look forward to learning more about your organization’s security goals and how AeroVigilance can add value to your program.

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